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Correspondent's Comment

Who said that Reg Wilson had been whisked away to another planet to view the bright lights on Earth hence could not write this column? A rumour that is all because here is a much delayed issue prepared just before I leave for the US to attend the Board Meeting and AGM of the International DarkSky Association (IDA) in Tucson, Arizona. Due to rapidly increasing IESNA & CIE interest in this subject with a number of members also belonging to IDA separate meetings of both of these organizations are immediately preceding the IDA meetings. This is a positive indication that the subject of waste upward light and its effect on the environment is more than just a passing fad supported only by astronomers.

This issue of DUL includes a worthwhile look back to some of the lighting at the Olympic games plus some news items. As always I remind readers that your contributions are always most welcome.

IESANZ Convention 2001 - Auckland NZ

The NZ section of the IESANZ has been successful in obtaining a number of top line International speakers together with some well known Aus. & NZ lighting personalities for the 2001 IESANZ Convention. Congratulations to Kit Cuttle for preparing such a technically interesting program. Present indications are that this will be a really well attended event and obviously it is an IESANZ Convention not to be missed. It is not too late register with full information on the Web at,

Olympic Flashback

The IESANZ (NSW) Meritorious Lighting Awards featured two of the spectacular Olympic projects in a bevy of great entries presenting Gordon Watson and his team of judges with a most difficult task . Congratulations to all of the successful entries. Details (including pics) of any of those not mentioned will be welcomed for use in the next issue of DUL - over to you.

The office of Barry Webb & Associates received a well earned Award of Merit for the Olympic Boulevard Lighting Towers.

Nineteen of these towers really set the night-time scene for the main Olympic Park venue. Here was a great example of lighting contributing the "Green Games" theme with minimum waste upward light by utilising a specially designed secondary reflector system combined with arrays photovoltaic cells injecting power back into grid during the daylight hours. The daylight picture clearly shows the cell arrays.

NDYLIGHT and Norman Disney &Young received an Award of Commendation for the lighting of the Superdome which was the venue for Basketball and Gymnastics during the Olympics. As this is also a large multipurpose hall the installation not only had to met the stringent Olympic requirements for sports and the essential CTV but also to cover a wide range of concerts, entertainment and sports etc. One interesting feature is that 40% of the main lighting is fitted with instant restrike control gear and lamps.

The Opera House

The Sydney Opera House featured again as part of the night time visual celebrations. A number of 55 minute decorative lighting routines were displayed during the Olympic games. These ranged from varied colour combinations to a spectacular moving display which represented a bush fire.

Note the large illuminated Olympic rings mounted on the well known Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Regional Environmental Plan

The Orana Regional Environmental Plan #1 was originally placed in operation in 1988 to ensure that the National Observatory at Siding Spring in the NW of the State of NSW continued to have the dark skies essential for it's operation. At that time this was the second darkest site in the World but now growth of waste upward light in the area indicated that the REP needed some major revisions in order to maintain the operating efficiency of the Observatory,

A REP Working Group was formed and is now progressing with a revised REP.. This working group consists of Assoc. Prof. Fred Watson, Astronomer in Charge- Siding Spring Observatory, Peter Downes, Dept. of Urban Affairs & Planning, Director - Western Districts, Greg Meyers Director of Environmental Services - Coonabarabran Shire Council and your correspondent. As work progresses this will be reported in this column.

The pic shows L to R Greg, Fred, Reg and Peter.

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